3 tips on how to save money when shopping this fall.

Well its about that time of the year again. Time for Autumn that is. September 23 will be here before you know it. And around this time of the year, is “peak time” to nab everything you’ll need to stay stylish this fall.

I’ve neen practicing this trick for years, and I’ll be the first to tell you if something works, or flops! I’ve learned a lot in my eleven or so years in menswear.

You encounter all types of people from all walks of life and some things you keep in a small little compartment in your memory, and some things you toss.

Here’s 3 tips that I’ve kept:

1.) I absolutely live by this rule.


Why? Because you don’t have to. Here’s the trick. Every department store, and especially boutiques have customer portfolio log book. Make your sales person acquaintance. Give them everything from your shoe size to you date of birth! I have a closet FULL of goods that I’ve owned for years. And most of it was acquired from associate call backs.

2.) Attend your local apparel mart. Almost every metropolis has one. And on certain days, they’ll allow certain organization to come and take advantage of their great sample sales. If your in ATLANTA, visit Americas Mart.

3.) Only the strong will survive utilizing this skill. But if you want to save “some dough” you gotta step it up a little. Try visiting your local dry cleaners! You’d be surprised what they try to get rid of after 90 days!

Again, “why pay retail when you don’t have to”? 🙂


Shaving and Mosturizing for Men

Happy Monday everyone. I certainly hope you enjoyed your
Father’s, sons, uncles, etc yesterday. I know I personally
Pigged out, and was completely
Satisfied with all the love I received.

Well ofcourse we’re here to talked
men’s style & grooming so let’s
Get started!

Yesterday I received the perfect
“man gift” from my family, but
the lovely gift came with some
uncertainty. And that uncertainty
was, “if I liked it or not!” Not
The idea of the gift. But
“the product all together!”

THE PHILIPS NORELCO Tripleheader. a very good
razor, but was it for me? Not sure.
But you can defiantly give a a try
yourself here.

But fret not! I most defiantly sought out a counter to that
electric razor sensitivity. Its called
Jason’s Natural Moisturizing Creme

Its made from 84% of Natures
Pure Aloe Vera Gel!

Try it out, and please tell me whatcha think!

Looking Good Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

All we see today are “ads, ads, ads”. Buy this! “This look will make you look like me”! Billboards, magazines, plastard on public transpotation, they all are trying to sell you the same hype! “The more expensive your clothes are, the better you’ll look”

That’s so not the case. One of the biggest deceptions in the fashion/style industry. The best advice to looking good, building on what you currently own. And not paying high ticketed prices.

Now their are a few staple pieces that a man should never skim on. A business watch, shoes, & eyewear. I mentioned these items in a previous post because they are important pillars in a man wardrobe.

Men, when shopping try to remember the items you already own in your closet. Even down to the color of your favorite sweater. So when/if you get that “itch to buy” purchase around that favorite sweater.

The best kept secret guys for great items that look expensive but are not is SteinMart. Remember the 3 keys items you “should” splurge on are dress shirt(s), eyewear, and shoes. And people will never know how much money you didn’t spend.

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4 Grooming And Shaving Tips For Men:

For most men, shaving is an everyday process. Well at least it should be. But for some of us, shaving becomes a daily ritual. Sometimes as much as ‘twice a day’.

That’s one thing that we as men really should keep groomed and trimmed is our face. Wheather its the ‘Van Dyke’ (gotee) or a little peach fuzz.

The key is to make it look neat. andis.com is one of the leading Brands for mens grooming. I’m a huge fan.

I’ve included a few crucial steps towards making your shaving experience a little easier & healthier.

1. Always keep clean skin. Here’s a pretty good selection of face cleaners for men that I came across.

2. Shave in the direction of hair growth very important. It illiminates ingrown hairs, due to oil build-up within your pores. Also shaving in the shower is a nice alternative to open those hair follicles rite up!

3. Use a daily moisterizer Aubrey’s Organicsmakes great products. I use it, and swear by it.

4. For those that are serious about looking their best. Treat yourself to a monthly FACIALS! its relaxing, and enables the skin to breath. Hey don’t worry about the nay-sayers. Trust me, when your not at the spa, THEY are.

These 4 are designed for all men. With the understanding that some men of color deal with ingrown hairs. which is common in african american men.

I highly recommend Bump Patrol.

Keep these few key steps in mind and I gaurentee fresh, clean, and healthy skin.

Google Voice: 10 Reasons To Check It Out

New Post: For The Love Of Blazers, SportCoats & Vests

Who loves to look good, feel good, and dress well? Everyone I would hope. For a long time men and woman’s closets have been filled with Blazers, Sport Coats, & and often vests just begging to be brought back into fashions forefront.

Well now they’re back! and back with avengence. But exactly what is a Sport Coat?

A Sport Coat: is basically a light-weight jacket that can be worn with jeans or khakis, I’ve even worn with shorts. You just have to have the rite shoe to pull that look off though.

Blazers: On the other hand are a bit dressier, cut a lil different and often times theirs a pair of trousers not to far away that match. aka “Suit-Seperates”

Not recommended by me. But that’s just my personal opinion. Quite often when you buy “suites sold separate” the cloth between the tops and bottoms feel and wear differently. Not quite sure, possibly just my prior experience in the retail industry I’ve taken a disliking to them.

Woman good new for you! Vests and Sport Coats or “Boy-Friend” jackets can now be implemented within your wardrobe.

Just like the boyfriend collard button
down was a few years back. Take advantage of fashion and trends as they are forever evolving.

Did you know that the vest was first introduced by the British Army? Multiple pockets for watches, tools, eye wear etc.

Hope this helps you with some Sport Coat, Blazer & Vest questions you may have.

Feel free to contact me for any wardrobing tips or concerns.

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Check out: “The Classicist: Dunhill Custom Tailoring for Spring & Summer”

dunhill bespoke
Back in March we reported that London luxury goods firm Dunhill was opening a new custom tailoring floor of its Madison Avenue flagship store in New York, the first of its kind in the U.S. Now we have more details of their custom tailoring program, featuring a selection of over 250 of the finest British and Italian cloths. Clients can create suits, jackets, trousers and shirts solely designed for their individual lifestyle or demands. Overseen by Bruno Cosentino, Dunhill’s resident master tailor who personally hand makes every bespoke item, the space is entirely dedicated to the brand’s exceptional tailoring service. A Dunhill custom suit undergoes 165 separate, meticulous operations performed by skilled artisans, with some 200 individual pieces going into making a jacket alone. Each jacket is expertly constructed using a floating canvas front allowing it to mold to the body over time. The Custom program offers a choice of two cuts – the House’s signature St James’ block, inspired by the archetypal Savile Row suit with several distinctive Dunhill touches, or the slimmer Belgravia fit defined by a suppressed waist, built up chest and sharper shoulders.

A suit can further be personalized by straight or slanted pockets, center or side vents and notch or peak lapels. Distinctive Dunhill silhouettes are enhanced by the introduction of a lightly ‘roped’ shoulder providing a typically English outline. This additional mark of luxury raises the crown of the sleeve slightly, ensuring the purest of lines from shoulder to sleeve. High performance fabrics are available including a 3-ply high twist super 130’s wool and silk fabric in a range of blues and greys. The classic Dunhill custom blazer can be created in the finest of Camdeboo mohair (above) which is lightweight, boasts great performance properties and travels beautifully, keeping the wearer warm in the cold but cool in the heat. Each Dunhill custom item will be completed and presented within two months. Once the design of the pattern is complete, it then becomes part of the Alfred Dunhill archives, kept in reserve for returning clients seeking additional bespoke services. Dunhill’s custom tailoring tradition includes a tuxedo made for Truman Capote to wear at his infamous Black amp; White Ball in the 1960s as well as bespoke suits made for Frank Sinatra.

Furthermore, Dunhill is offering a new range of luxurious super 160’s fabrics in a range of refined and classic designs. This luxuriously lightweight selection of cloth is presented in a range of shades with broken pinstripes for a relaxed seasonal approach to classic formal dressing. For the ultimate in stylish summer suiting, Dunhill is offering the finest pure Irish linen for Spring / Summer 2010 in sand or blueberry shades. Internal facings are re-worked this season to offer a new, sharper look to the in-breast pocket detailing. Half-moon stitching at each pocket mouth adds strength and finesse and a triangular security flap is fastened by means of a hidden button hole ensuring the cleanest of lines inside the garment. Dunhill Custom shirting meanwhile is available in a choice of nine collars, five cuffs, two pockets and a variety of front and back options.

Mens Trousers, Flat or Pleat? Hem or Cuff?

The question of men’s pants and how to wear them have been around for ages. Many men have no idea when to apply a Hem or a Cuff to their trousers

Any good stylist, retail sales associate, or tailor should know these basic fashion fundmentals.

Hems vs Cuffs:

Hems – are worn on body types that are (normally) under the height of ‘5 10″
Here’s a little how-to video I found on “Hems” http://bit.ly/crZYAu (very helpfu)

Cuffs – typically looks nicer on “taller” frames. The pant cuff should measure 1 1/2 inches (rule of thumb)

Cuffs also adds what I call “SWAY” to the pant. Very classy touch to trousers. Most men prefer the cuff over a hem. But it’s important to remember, that the hem makes the stout male type look even shorter, because it takes away length from the leg.

Pleats vs The Flat Front:

Pleats – are suppose to give the waist and thigh volume, Europe introduces pleats to the American fashion mainstream years ago.

Designers today tend not to use pleats any longer in their lines. And that’s a good thing. Here’s a cool story I found on the “Pleated Pant” http://bit.ly/9iGnMz

The Flat Front Trouser- contrary to popular beliefs, black men more and more are turning toward “the fitted look” straight leg, no pleats! Flat Front trousers, streamline the body

And makes you appear thinner! I purchased a pair of flat trousers years ago and honestly? Haven’t turned back to pleats since.

Note: it has been once said, the less items you have in your pant pockets, the thinner your waist will appear.

So go out and invest in a billfold! 😉

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“Louis Vuitton Launches iPad Cases


louis vuitton ipad case
Louis Vuitton is coming out with the ultimate luxurious accessory for Apple‘s much-loved new iPad – cases covered in the famed French fashion house’s signature canvas. The sleek, simple sleeve-style sheath will be available in both Vuitton’s classic monogram pattern and the more modern Damier Graphite checkerboard. Priced at about $365 apiece and set to be available in 2011, the cases are only a little less expensive than the iPad itself, but certainly lend it a sizable dose of style. And they’re still cheaper then the handstitched leather versions my colleague Rigel Celeste wrote about last month. As British GQ notes, the Vuitton cases lend the device the “feel of a lightweight, ultra-portable attacheacute; case – appropriate given that it is superseding your offline files and folders, [and] also gives your iPad some much-needed protection.”

Check out: “World’s Most Valuable Luxury Brands”


World's most valuable luxury brands
What is the world’s most valuable luxury brand? According to a study released today compiled by market research firm Millward Brown Optimor, the most valuable brand is France’s Louis Vuitton with a brand value of nearly $19.8 billion.

Hermes, with a brand value of $8.45 billion, landed in the second spot, followed by Gucci ($7.58 billion), Chanel ($5.54 billion) and Hennessy ($5.36 billion).

Millward Brown used an economic use approach to the valuation, with brand values based on the intrinsic value of the brand derived from its ability to generate demand. The values reflect the sum of all future earnings a brand is forecasted to generate, discounted to present-day value.

"The big takeaway is that brands that focused on heritage are the ones that topped the list," says Lauren Sherman, editor of Fashionista, a fashion news website. "Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Gucci all focused this year on heritage."

According to Sherman, Louis Vuitton’s advertising campaigns focused on travel, which ties to its history of being a maker of steamer trunks, while Hermes began to again market their saddles and also sponsored a horse show in Paris, which they haven’t done in years. "They are going back to the basics."

Gucci, on the other hand, is focusing on its vintage bags. The company recently formed a partnership with Christie’s in which the auction house will provide appraisal services for owners of vintage Gucci leathergoods. "Gucci Collector: Presented by Christie’s" provides auction estimates for vintage Gucci items that are of a type and value typically sold at Christie’s. The service is provided free of charge.

"Gucci wants to bring back the company from mass luxury which it had become," says Sherman.

Millward Brown used the BrandZ database of its parent company, WPP, which owns several marketing, advertising and public relations firms, among others. BrandZ tracked sales and marketing for more than 1,000 brands over the course of a year to come up with the list.

The brand that saw the most growth on the list this year was Hermes, with an increase of 8%.

Perhaps most surprising about the list this year were the brands that didn’t fare well. The brands that are more closely associated with trends and high fashion, such as Prada and Burberry, did not rank high on the list—in fact, Prada was knocked off the top ten list altogether.

Chanel’s ranking dropped from where it was a year ago and lost 11% of its brand value. "Chanel will always sell perfume and leather goods which are classic products, but compared to Gucci and Louis Vuitton, they are more associated with high fashion," says Sherman. "Any brand where the runway is more important than the boutique, suffered a bit."

See Fashionista’s report to view the rest of the top ten list of the world’s most valuable brands.

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