Do women have what it takes to make it in retail as men do?

For many years men have dominated the retail sales floor. But as time went by, woman began taking a serious interest. But are they in the “forefront” of retail nowadays? Are they top contenders? Can they carry their weight and long hours as men?


Bespoken: Fall 2011


HOT OFF THE PRESS! The “Man-are-you-sure”?

So tell me. How do you do it? How do you make an appointment at a nail salon, drive across town, sit down in a comfy chair, and have a woman (oftentimes another male) give you a manicure? “Man-are-you-sure?” your not a smidgen “Metrosexual?” Well according the Urban Dictionary you just might be.  Who’s judging? not me. Men that care about their appearance should most positively play close attention to your personal grooming! Here’s the skinny on what women have to say on Ask Men about men and looking their very best. Still afraid to pop a squat in today’s woman’s domain (nail salon)  to get “hand-glammed?”  Well if you live in the New York’s midtown Manhattan area (between 5th & 6th ave) you can visit Shizuka’s New York Day Spa for men and put your mind at ease. As always, i’m here to help guide all men into proper health for your mind, body, & soul.

New Entry: What does your personal style say about you?

What does your personal style say about you? Should you “kick it up a notch?” Or take it down a thousand? Either way, when you arise in the morning and brush those “pearly whites” take a look in the mirror and ask yourself the most important question of your day. “Does my appearance convey the proper respect I want today at the office?”  Because hey, lets face it.  Not only are you what you eat! But your also what you wear! Ponder this if you will… Remember kids and “the Goth scene?”  and all it’s rage?  Examine how it made kids feel and interact with their parents and friends “OUTSIDE THEIR INNER CIRCLE.”  It was almost non existent rite? Rite. For every genre of music, theirs a specific wardrobe that exemplifies how they feel.  So iron that shirt tomorrow, crease those trousers and trim that beard, maybe try some Crest white strips to BOOST your self-esteem. Anything that  points you in the rite direction to get the best out your day!

NEW POST: Are You Ready For The Argyle Challenge?

Well it’s that time of the year again, (well for hard-core fashion critics that is.)

Fashion is constantly evolving, and seasons of fashion change just like the seasons that surround us yearly. But whats in style? Whats in style now? Whats next seasons fashionable forecast look like? Well, I can defiantly suggest without a shadow of  any doubt that argyle will absolutely never get left behind in yesterdays stylish tumbleweeds. The look below is a BOLD look of the modern contemporary male of today.  Are you ready for the argyle challenge? Really? Well take a look at what Ralph Lauren has to offer! As always be good, and if possible, never pay retail! Cheers.

Is looking fashionable still important in today’s economy?

Ladies: How To Shop For The Man You Love With These 4 Easy Rules.

Most men, when it comes to dressing well they’re all thumbs! But behind every well polished man, you can pretty much count on a fashion savvy woman being at the helm. With 10 years in the retail industry I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the extremely bad as men try to assemble shirts and ties. Shirts and trousers. Shoes and ties.

Allow me to respectfully put you out of you misery. MEN find a woman the next time you hit up your favorite shopping mall. Reason: Because she knows what “she likes, and looks good on you!” Here’s a few of my personal favorite tips ladies you can use while shopping/dressing you’re man without him feeling totally helpless.

1.) Ladies we already know what “you like” on us. But how about what “he likes” on himself?

2.) Encourage him to “lose the loose” (baggy jeans) this is 2011.

3.) This one may sting a little for the guys. But ladies, you may need to encourage him by introducing him to high-end boutiques. Being that they specialize in form fitting. And not what he may be accustom too.

4.) No gift cards! You’re setting him and yourself up for disappointment. Remember he’s in training.

I hope the four easy steps will help encourage the man you love to looking, and feeling better.

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3 Men’s Fashion Trends To Look For Out For This Fall

So here we are again. About time to wind down those squeaky attic stairs, and go through those boxes to find those winter thermals!

This is probably my favorite time of year. And if you’re into fashion, its probably yours too. Hush-Puppies, Cashmere sweaters, Pea Coats, and all those other favorite goodies that you might have stowed away.

Women already know what’s hot this fall. But for the fellus, I’d like to think I can bring you “up to speed” on some of this seasons hookups!

Be on the lookout for:

The Denim Jean Jacket:
Sorry guys, but “over-sized” is over! Make sure if you decide to go this route, the jacket should fit snug across the waist, & high armholes. Don’t be afraid to throw on a skinny tie and a stripped shirt to set it off with style!

Secondly,tweeds, wools, and/ or corduroy: sharpen those eyes for the best prices on these items. Men we cannot be afraid to “CHANGE” step out of your bubble and live a little!

And lastly, a little birdie told me the tote or messenger bag yes! You’ve seen them in the past. But they are back and back with avengence.

“Still afraid”? Well that’s ok. Take one leap at a time. Start small. But start this fall! Show you’re colluges your not afraid to live a little.

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Blog Post: A Rewind Through The Menswear Industry

Until the 1950s, the average man’s wardrobe consisted of one or more dark suits with vests, white shirts, subdude color ties, highly polished shoes, and overcoat, and a hat. Whatever changes in fashion did take place ususally expressed themselves in little more than variations in the width of lapels, the style and the flap of a jacket pocket, and the location of the ventin the suite jacket. The industry that produced men’s garments did not consider itself to be in the fast-changing business of fashion.

Change came dramatically after WW11. Surfeited w/ khaki drabness, many of the younger men yearned for color, even in their undershirts.

By the 1960s, the presence of a large and highly visible generation of young adults sparked a demand for greater variety, faster change,and new opportunities for expression of idivisuality. However, the 1970’s and on into the 1980s the winds of fashion change continued to blow up a storm in the mens field.

Moreover, today. Men’s interest in fashion has become increasingly pronounced and the industry that serves them has repsonded accordingly.

Did you know Advertisements for “Ready-Made Mens Clothing” went back as far as 1849? By a company called Laboring Men, Mechanics, Teamsters, & C.

Its quite interesting to know how fashion evolves, and how we evolve with it.

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How To Choose Good Quality Dress Shirts

While most people think ‘cheaper is better’ that’s not entirely the truth. For the most part, inexpensive dress shirt are blended with fabrics that don’t necessarily help you’re pockets in the long run.

A dress shirt should ultimately solidify the wardrobe. Dress shirts typically are the same. But what sets them apart are the the collars

I ran across some handy information from that looks pretty interesting called The Mens DressShirt Buying Guide that breaks down the collar, pricing, measurements, proper cuts etc.

Ultimatley whether its Paul or Ascot Chang

your standards of buying should remain the same. QUILITY IS KEY! A few thing you should look for before you make your purchase.

-1 Long gone are the days where men pay $225.00 for a dress shirt at Neimans. And that on sale! But to my surprise, some slaes staff will tell you where outlet/discounted chains are. My suggestion is shop Marshalls, SteinMart, T.J. Maxx, and Khols FIRST!!

-2 Pay very close attention to the “stitching” especially around the buttons & cuffs. They should be “cross stitched” or cross woven. This is one of most most “BEST KEPT SECRETS” to buying a quality dress shirt.

-3 My most favorite, and the one I’m guilty of doing is “asking someone where they shop” Men. Ask, ask, ask! If you notice your co-worker wearing something you like? Ask him where he bought it!

For some reason men are just emabarrased to ask other men where they shop. But to me, what’s more embasrrasing, is finding out you paid $150.00 for a dress shirt when you didn’t have to.

Shop smart!, and always stay well groomed.


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