New Entry: What does your personal style say about you?

What does your personal style say about you? Should you “kick it up a notch?” Or take it down a thousand? Either way, when you arise in the morning and brush those “pearly whites” take a look in the mirror and ask yourself the most important question of your day. “Does my appearance convey the proper respect I want today at the office?”  Because hey, lets face it.  Not only are you what you eat! But your also what you wear! Ponder this if you will… Remember kids and “the Goth scene?”  and all it’s rage?  Examine how it made kids feel and interact with their parents and friends “OUTSIDE THEIR INNER CIRCLE.”  It was almost non existent rite? Rite. For every genre of music, theirs a specific wardrobe that exemplifies how they feel.  So iron that shirt tomorrow, crease those trousers and trim that beard, maybe try some Crest white strips to BOOST your self-esteem. Anything that  points you in the rite direction to get the best out your day!


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