HOT OFF THE PRESS! The “Man-are-you-sure”?

So tell me. How do you do it? How do you make an appointment at a nail salon, drive across town, sit down in a comfy chair, and have a woman (oftentimes another male) give you a manicure? “Man-are-you-sure?” your not a smidgen “Metrosexual?” Well according the Urban Dictionary you just might be.  Who’s judging? not me. Men that care about their appearance should most positively play close attention to your personal grooming! Here’s the skinny on what women have to say on Ask Men about men and looking their very best. Still afraid to pop a squat in today’s woman’s domain (nail salon)  to get “hand-glammed?”  Well if you live in the New York’s midtown Manhattan area (between 5th & 6th ave) you can visit Shizuka’s New York Day Spa for men and put your mind at ease. As always, i’m here to help guide all men into proper health for your mind, body, & soul.


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