Ladies: How To Shop For The Man You Love With These 4 Easy Rules.

Most men, when it comes to dressing well they’re all thumbs! But behind every well polished man, you can pretty much count on a fashion savvy woman being at the helm. With 10 years in the retail industry I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the extremely bad as men try to assemble shirts and ties. Shirts and trousers. Shoes and ties.

Allow me to respectfully put you out of you misery. MEN find a woman the next time you hit up your favorite shopping mall. Reason: Because she knows what “she likes, and looks good on you!” Here’s a few of my personal favorite tips ladies you can use while shopping/dressing you’re man without him feeling totally helpless.

1.) Ladies we already know what “you like” on us. But how about what “he likes” on himself?

2.) Encourage him to “lose the loose” (baggy jeans) this is 2011.

3.) This one may sting a little for the guys. But ladies, you may need to encourage him by introducing him to high-end boutiques. Being that they specialize in form fitting. And not what he may be accustom too.

4.) No gift cards! You’re setting him and yourself up for disappointment. Remember he’s in training.

I hope the four easy steps will help encourage the man you love to looking, and feeling better.

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