3 Men’s Fashion Trends To Look For Out For This Fall

So here we are again. About time to wind down those squeaky attic stairs, and go through those boxes to find those winter thermals!

This is probably my favorite time of year. And if you’re into fashion, its probably yours too. Hush-Puppies, Cashmere sweaters, Pea Coats, and all those other favorite goodies that you might have stowed away.

Women already know what’s hot this fall. But for the fellus, I’d like to think I can bring you “up to speed” on some of this seasons hookups!

Be on the lookout for:

The Denim Jean Jacket:
Sorry guys, but “over-sized” is over! Make sure if you decide to go this route, the jacket should fit snug across the waist, & high armholes. Don’t be afraid to throw on a skinny tie and a stripped shirt to set it off with style!

Secondly,tweeds, wools, and/ or corduroy: sharpen those eyes for the best prices on these items. Men we cannot be afraid to “CHANGE” step out of your bubble and live a little!

And lastly, a little birdie told me the tote or messenger bag yes! You’ve seen them in the past. But they are back and back with avengence.

“Still afraid”? Well that’s ok. Take one leap at a time. Start small. But start this fall! Show you’re colluges your not afraid to live a little.

Twitter – @wardrobeguy


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