Looking Good Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

All we see today are “ads, ads, ads”. Buy this! “This look will make you look like me”! Billboards, magazines, plastard on public transpotation, they all are trying to sell you the same hype! “The more expensive your clothes are, the better you’ll look”

That’s so not the case. One of the biggest deceptions in the fashion/style industry. The best advice to looking good, building on what you currently own. And not paying high ticketed prices.

Now their are a few staple pieces that a man should never skim on. A business watch, shoes, & eyewear. I mentioned these items in a previous post because they are important pillars in a man wardrobe.

Men, when shopping try to remember the items you already own in your closet. Even down to the color of your favorite sweater. So when/if you get that “itch to buy” purchase around that favorite sweater.

The best kept secret guys for great items that look expensive but are not is SteinMart. Remember the 3 keys items you “should” splurge on are dress shirt(s), eyewear, and shoes. And people will never know how much money you didn’t spend.

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