Blog Post: A Rewind Through The Menswear Industry

Until the 1950s, the average man’s wardrobe consisted of one or more dark suits with vests, white shirts, subdude color ties, highly polished shoes, and overcoat, and a hat. Whatever changes in fashion did take place ususally expressed themselves in little more than variations in the width of lapels, the style and the flap of a jacket pocket, and the location of the ventin the suite jacket. The industry that produced men’s garments did not consider itself to be in the fast-changing business of fashion.

Change came dramatically after WW11. Surfeited w/ khaki drabness, many of the younger men yearned for color, even in their undershirts.

By the 1960s, the presence of a large and highly visible generation of young adults sparked a demand for greater variety, faster change,and new opportunities for expression of idivisuality. However, the 1970’s and on into the 1980s the winds of fashion change continued to blow up a storm in the mens field.

Moreover, today. Men’s interest in fashion has become increasingly pronounced and the industry that serves them has repsonded accordingly.

Did you know Advertisements for “Ready-Made Mens Clothing” went back as far as 1849? By a company called Laboring Men, Mechanics, Teamsters, & C.

Its quite interesting to know how fashion evolves, and how we evolve with it.

– Twitter @wardrobeguy


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