How To Choose Good Quality Dress Shirts

While most people think ‘cheaper is better’ that’s not entirely the truth. For the most part, inexpensive dress shirt are blended with fabrics that don’t necessarily help you’re pockets in the long run.

A dress shirt should ultimately solidify the wardrobe. Dress shirts typically are the same. But what sets them apart are the the collars

I ran across some handy information from that looks pretty interesting called The Mens DressShirt Buying Guide that breaks down the collar, pricing, measurements, proper cuts etc.

Ultimatley whether its Paul or Ascot Chang

your standards of buying should remain the same. QUILITY IS KEY! A few thing you should look for before you make your purchase.

-1 Long gone are the days where men pay $225.00 for a dress shirt at Neimans. And that on sale! But to my surprise, some slaes staff will tell you where outlet/discounted chains are. My suggestion is shop Marshalls, SteinMart, T.J. Maxx, and Khols FIRST!!

-2 Pay very close attention to the “stitching” especially around the buttons & cuffs. They should be “cross stitched” or cross woven. This is one of most most “BEST KEPT SECRETS” to buying a quality dress shirt.

-3 My most favorite, and the one I’m guilty of doing is “asking someone where they shop” Men. Ask, ask, ask! If you notice your co-worker wearing something you like? Ask him where he bought it!

For some reason men are just emabarrased to ask other men where they shop. But to me, what’s more embasrrasing, is finding out you paid $150.00 for a dress shirt when you didn’t have to.

Shop smart!, and always stay well groomed.


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