4 Key Steps To Keeping Your Customer Coming Back. (From A Retailers Perspective)

In this world their are buyers and sellers. People that sell goods. And the rest of us that buy them. It’s what this world revolves around.

Some of us despise just the very thought of making purchases inside of a retailer. I would imagine its some type of “phobia” on the other hand. Theirs plenty of us that wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.

But the dying question that most retailers are faced with today is what does it take to get “REPEAT CUSTOMERS”!

Zig Ziglar said it best when he quoted – “Questions are the answer to selling more effectively. Now go sell somebody something”

As a former retailer at Bernini Mens I found client books as an extremely useful tool to keep my client “up to speed” as to what’s going on in the weeks ahead!

I’ve included 4 tips that will keep your clients coming back:

1) The old saying goes that ‘greeting your customers within the first 5 seconds’ from the time they cross your threshold. is the most important time of the sales transaction.

2) Find out as much as you can about your client without getting to personal. First, Last name. What size(s) they wear?, “preferred” colors for them is a very good start without overdoing it. This info should be places inside your Day Planner AND MEMORIZED so when the sale transpires you have their info handy. Without asking embarrassing question.

3) Giving the client your undivided attention – no matter how difficult as it may seem. “One on One” is what we all want really rite? Long gone are they days when cusumers feels as though they have to beg retailers to help them.

They will start shopping on-line. Which would result in noone getting paid but store owners.

4) The call back, & the follow up you have you’re Day Planner great! Let’s put it to good use.

Hope this helps you along your journeys in life.

willbates@att.blackberry.net -@wardrobeguy


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