4 Grooming And Shaving Tips For Men:

For most men, shaving is an everyday process. Well at least it should be. But for some of us, shaving becomes a daily ritual. Sometimes as much as ‘twice a day’.

That’s one thing that we as men really should keep groomed and trimmed is our face. Wheather its the ‘Van Dyke’ (gotee) or a little peach fuzz.

The key is to make it look neat. andis.com is one of the leading Brands for mens grooming. I’m a huge fan.

I’ve included a few crucial steps towards making your shaving experience a little easier & healthier.

1. Always keep clean skin. Here’s a pretty good selection of face cleaners for men that I came across.

2. Shave in the direction of hair growth very important. It illiminates ingrown hairs, due to oil build-up within your pores. Also shaving in the shower is a nice alternative to open those hair follicles rite up!

3. Use a daily moisterizer Aubrey’s Organicsmakes great products. I use it, and swear by it.

4. For those that are serious about looking their best. Treat yourself to a monthly FACIALS! its relaxing, and enables the skin to breath. Hey don’t worry about the nay-sayers. Trust me, when your not at the spa, THEY are.

These 4 are designed for all men. With the understanding that some men of color deal with ingrown hairs. which is common in african american men.

I highly recommend Bump Patrol.

Keep these few key steps in mind and I gaurentee fresh, clean, and healthy skin.


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