Mens Trousers, Flat or Pleat? Hem or Cuff?

The question of men’s pants and how to wear them have been around for ages. Many men have no idea when to apply a Hem or a Cuff to their trousers

Any good stylist, retail sales associate, or tailor should know these basic fashion fundmentals.

Hems vs Cuffs:

Hems – are worn on body types that are (normally) under the height of ‘5 10″
Here’s a little how-to video I found on “Hems” (very helpfu)

Cuffs – typically looks nicer on “taller” frames. The pant cuff should measure 1 1/2 inches (rule of thumb)

Cuffs also adds what I call “SWAY” to the pant. Very classy touch to trousers. Most men prefer the cuff over a hem. But it’s important to remember, that the hem makes the stout male type look even shorter, because it takes away length from the leg.

Pleats vs The Flat Front:

Pleats – are suppose to give the waist and thigh volume, Europe introduces pleats to the American fashion mainstream years ago.

Designers today tend not to use pleats any longer in their lines. And that’s a good thing. Here’s a cool story I found on the “Pleated Pant”

The Flat Front Trouser- contrary to popular beliefs, black men more and more are turning toward “the fitted look” straight leg, no pleats! Flat Front trousers, streamline the body

And makes you appear thinner! I purchased a pair of flat trousers years ago and honestly? Haven’t turned back to pleats since.

Note: it has been once said, the less items you have in your pant pockets, the thinner your waist will appear.

So go out and invest in a billfold! 😉

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